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a ubiquitous Christmas entry was necessary

I am a cat

to live in an open field

to write an open letter to Winter

"That's the thing!"

I know I am getting older

I may miss this place

getting excited is a family trait

to share about my birthdays

to confess about coffee

To try not to read into my page views

I'm not ready either

Home renovations make you fight

I am no longer cut out for camping

I have a German father

CanadaPost is awesome-sauce

To be ok with my 1/3 life career crisis

To take over my SPF regimen

Trick bikes are really dangerous AND teach you bad words

A good hair stylist is important

Being short has more perks

Trick bikes are dangerous

I do not have the patience for musical instruments

To write my manifesto

To tell you about my first time subbing for real