about me


I'm Kara, I like to write (thanks for reading!) and like every other millennial out there, I like good food, a good strong cup of coffee in the morning (but I can only have one a day or else I get jittery, sweaty, and anxious), and I like to be outside as long as it's not too cold. I love being on my SUP in the summer and every so often I crave being in the middle of a forest, which is not easily fulfilled since I live in Saskatchewan.

I love reading, and good story telling. I started this blog to get better at story telling, which is why I write mostly from my past experiences. My favourite writers right now are Mindy Kaling and Sophie Kinsella (except she uses surreptitiously too much - you'll notice it now in every book she has written). I did a #KonMari cleanse and those were the only authors I kept in my collection.

Online I enjoy reading most writing by Condé Nast publishers, my friend's blog - it's worth the read. To check out the blog post I wrote for Grit & Virtue click here.

I thank God for a great husband, a cute dog, and spell check because double letter words are my nemesis.

That's all. 


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