"That's the thing!"

It has been a while since I last wrote, and I have no real reason to not have written. I think I'm just tired. I get home from work, at a ridiculously late hour for some reason (being an English teacher), make supper, then do the house stuff. All of this doesn't leave a lot of time to sit down and write.

I can blame so many things, but truthfully, at the core of me, lies a lazy sloth monster that just wants me to slow down and do nothing except watch tv, eat chips and chocolate, and in general, do nothing with my life. Motivation likes to hibernate in the fall, along with everything else. I am starting to see why tropical locations are always in a state of chill, they don't have fall and winter to make them be super lazy and then look forward to the spring and summer when you get to *do all the stuff*. It is as though we wear ourselves out trying to jam absolutely everything into those few seemingly short summer months that it takes all of fall and winter to recuperate and prepare for another summer.

I do like fall because it is the season where you do start thinking about doing things. We turn into squirrels and frantically work in the warm hours of the day because when night comes and the temperature drops, let's face it, we are drinking thousand calorie warm drinks and climbing into oversized nobly sweaters to hide the effects of that lazy sloth monster. For instance, I would like to know how much my wedding cost in total, I've never sat down to calculate it, I think I'm scared. And I would like to back up all of my documents and pictures on my computer. I am  considering doing these things, but my lazy sloth monster takes over and I eat a snickers and say, "later".

Along with the lazy sloth monster in the fall comes this weird insatiable need for new stuff. I was on the phone the other day with my brother and he mentioned that he wanted an iPad for school. I could understand if he had a desktop computer, or like me, a 6 lb MacBook pro (honestly these things are built with concrete or something), but he has a MacBook Air, which is the same weight as my iPad. I questioned him on this new need. He said that a woman in one of his classes had this great app on her iPad and that he saw real value in it. I told him about how my iPad is a mini stereo, recipe book, and arcade. That's about it. I use it for avoiding work and necessary tasks, not to help me with them. I know for certain that I don't use it to it's fullest potential but it led us to the revelation of "That is the thing!".

We are all lazy, we all have to fight to be motivated, and my brother and I both fully believe in the next thing being the thing that will help us conquer the lazy sloth monster that keeps us from acing that class, or teaching this lesson, or solving the world's problems, or simply making life easier. The truth is, deep down, we are lazy and looking for a quick fix. For example, when palm pilots came out and they were all the rage because they helped everyone to get super organized. It was the thing that would revolutionize late people, they would never have an excuse to be late again because you could just beam them the calendar appointment. Yeah, the late people were still late, and the palm pilot didn't revolutionize the way we shared information but we thought it could have, our lazy sloth monster bought into it's potential because we wanted something to do it for us, rather than have to get off our duffs and do it ourselves.

All summer I had no problem getting out of bed. Now it is fall and I get called into work and wait for the caffeine to kick in, I squirrel through the day and then night comes and my lazy sloth monster puts it in cruise control for the evening. And I have let it take over my blog too, I'm sorry. I will work at being a regular presence in your life. I may need to download a new blogging app to do that...

That's all.


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