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...Action de Grâces

The temperature and the leaves are dropping, it's that time of year. Fall. I don't know a single person that hates fall. There are crazy people who hate summer because they don't like being hot, or people who move away from the cold because they hate winter (**cough my brother cough**) and can't hack it. Some people hate the muck and grime of spring, but I don't know anyone who hates fall. And if you do, you will probably want to stop reading now.

The reason I love fall so much is because of Thanksgiving. There are other reasons too, hot apple cider, coffee seems to taste better, long walks in the brisk air, the clothes you get to wear, the leaves on the trees, it's all wonderful but Thanksgiving is the cherry on top of it all.

Thanksgiving usually has wonderful weather to go along with it. When I was away for school I came home for a friend's wedding. I packed the usual fall clothes, but it was 28°C. The year prior, other friends got married that same weeke…

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