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to go back to teaching, again *now with a career quiz*

I'm sure you're wondering if I just like to repeat myself. I quit coffee, then I drink it, then I quit it. And apparently, I do the same with teaching.

I had been wondering not too long ago if what we set out doing we are bound to do. Can a tiger really change its stripes? I have taught in some capacity ever since I finished university and just can't seem to help myself. But it's different this time.

I have spoken of trying to not be such a millennial and follow the old beating, bleeding heart, and work for money. I say that, though, knowing that I am a natural teacher. I try not to be a condescending one; I just cannot help but disseminate knowledge. Once I've read an article I must bring it up in conversation, or store the information for when I need it next. It's all about sharing what I've learned *this blog* through life. But just because it is what I will do does not mean it is who I am. I have had such a hard time with identity in recent months. We a…

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