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to bake for my dog

Let's just get this out of the way right now, I am a crazy person, I am a dog-mom. You can continue to read without judgement or judge me all you like, I am who I am, and that is a crazy dog lady.

We got our sweet Cavalier 4 years ago on August 3 and have been chuckling at her stubborn ways since. When she was teeny tiny, every evening at 7 on the dot she turned into the terrorist. We called her that because she would go from being a super sweet, cuddly, floppy puppy into this miniature terrorist that would snarl and rip around our living room, nipping at us, pulling on our clothes, and refusing to listen to a word we shouted at her.

We got her when I was working from home. Cavaliers are notorious velcro dogs, where you are, they are. When we researched the breed it was said to be best suited to "the elderly, stay at home moms, or those that worked from home". Perfect! I was working my dream job and most office days were from home.

Then I returned to teaching, and the gui…

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