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to do Paris on the cheap

When you tell people that you want to go to Paris the first thing they are guaranteed to say to you is, "It's so expensive". This is true, but there are cheap work arounds and since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it, today I am dishing out travel advice.

Those that travel know that to get a deal you go in the shoulder seasons. These are the less desirable times to visit a place. October/November and February for most of Europe. Basically all of winter for where I am from. But the other thing is, sign up for really annoying travel emails. I am not sure when I did exactly, but I subscribed to KLM's email list at some point. The best times to book a flight are in November for early in the year (February, March-ish) and January. No one wants to travel or is even thinking of traveling that quickly after Christmas, but you can find the best deals then. Also, be flexible for where you're going and when. Every time the hubster and I have traveled it is…

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