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to give in to a song

My writing surroundings are drastically different than usual. I am sitting on a patio, the Indian Ocean to my right and a quiet Airbnb to my left, my son and husband are taking their afternoon nap. Not together, unfortunately my son does not sleep well in the presence of others, so there goes that romance of having him take a nap in our arms. It turns into a near-miss head butting battle if we attempt to co-sleep. I’d rather not have a fat lip and a crying baby so he happily sleeps on his own.
I would equate the new parent thing to getting married. I was asked shortly after I got married what it felt like, I explained that I expected this beam to come down from heaven and it feel like brzzz now you are married, but instead it was just me and my hubster in cohabitation and figuring out that new jigsaw puzzle. 
I would say this case is similar. Without divulging too much, my experience has been figuring out life with a one year old. Thankfully prior to arriving I had worked through the Ho…

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