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we make do, until we don't

First of all, Happy New Year! The French believe that you have the month of January to make sure that those you care about know you wish them well for the New Year. As a French teacher it is my duty to pass that tidbit of information along. I'm not late to the party, I'm just flexing my French je ne sais quoi.

With the New Year comes the need or want for new goals, whichever drives you. Mine is not new. I am hitting the repeat button because I took a journey around the sun without accomplishing my goal from several years ago. I guess it's been several turns around the sun.

Let me start from the beginning...

I, like many people out there, don't enjoy spending money unless it is exactly what I want, in the price range I want, and simply refuse to settle for anything less. Oh, just me and my perfectionist ways? Ok fine.

I remember one time a friend said to me, as she bent over to a candy machine to buy skittles, that she had been craving m&m's and this should suff…

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