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to paint the hallway

I set out to surprise the hubster this weekend. Every time that I go away he works like a dog and gets some project done that makes my jaw drop. He is a doozer, doozers do. If you are too young or too spiritual for Fraggle Rock you will not get that reference and I feel badly for you for having missed out on the weirdest children's show from the 80s.

The hubster had bought 5 gallons of a second-hand off-white paint that we figured would do for our house. I love a good white paint, but I'm also ridiculously particular. I did an entire post about how picking a paint is an art and a science. I chose not to tell him about my painting plans in case I got to the weekend and was totally exhausted and didn't have the energy or the gumption. I had both. I was determined.

I bought a lovely 2.5 angle brush for the cutting and I set to work. I got the drop comforter out of the garage and put on my painting pants and got down to it. I put on the radio and turned the volume up to deafen…

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