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to say thank you

I was telling a friend of my upcoming trip to Scotland to celebrate the hubster's 30th birthday. I was explaining the torch bearing procession we will be part of, and how I couldn't wait to torch this year. The hubster over heard and said "You say that every year". I was taken aback, do I really? I think I do. Maybe December is just such a tough month that I feel like the whole year has been a bust. But it truly hasn't. And I know this because as I sat down to edit our Christmas letter for the third time I realized what an incredible year it has been.

As I was editing the highlight reel of 2017 I thought about writing: this blog, my journal, my DayOne app journal, the many different ways that I write and keep track of my life. I've been working diligently to keep this updated though life has gotten busy. I have kept you updated on my goals, dreams, silly stories, familial relationships, and of course lessons that I've learned. And you've read them. Yo…

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