To try not to read into my page views

Ok, it had been a while since I had been on blogger, I practically neglected it for all of 2012. I was busy working on a thesis but now that I substitute I have nothing but free time in the evenings, and right now it's summer and I am unemployed and have even more time. A few things have changed on the blogger site, as such, if I were over 50 they would have lost me and I would be on the phone with my grandchild getting her to explain where my profile went to and what's with all the graphs? But instead I'm 30 and the ability to see my page views has me both intrigued and completely weirded out.

I've talked about how I think too much on things that don't need my attention (and often don't spend enough time on the fine print in life) but why are people from Russia reading my blog? Is it my name? Is it some conspiracy that they are looking for that princess that mysteriously vanished? I'm not her, ok? I promise, you can look right at me I have zero point zero zero zero Russian blood. I could maybe use a couple of million dollars from some of your billionaires, but I don't like vodka and I think that may be a prerequisite for getting into that kind of wealth there. Sorry.

I blame the media for feeling spooked about Russia. Lately every movie has had the bad guy with some thick Eastern European accent that has one eye and every one is afraid of even though he is over 80 and could probably be taken down by a long day with too many carbs and not enough weak coffee. I get it, we stereotype, and the Cold War is far enough away that we can poke a little fun at it. Or can we? Is it too soon? Maybe that's why the evil super geniuses in all the movies are coming from Russia.

Before I leave you I would just like to say that I am not actually afraid of Russian people reading my blog, in fact I welcome you. I just don't think that if you are trying to learn English that reading my blog is the best way to accomplish that feat. Priyatnogo chteniya [happy reading].

That's all.


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