I am a cat

My mom will have a fit that I am posting this online. I will be home alone this weekend. Just me, myself, and I, and I might step out for a few minutes here and there. To her, this is like asking someone to come in and rob us blind, but it will already look like that this weekend with my brother in law clearing his things out of the garage, and his living room furnishings out of our living room. So, there, I won't really have anything to take.

Our large house will be starkly empty, except for a dining room table that weighs a thousand pounds, and a queen size bed. When we moved, I purged, a lot, maybe a little too much, our bed side lamps still sit on the floor.

Anyway, my husband will be away this weekend to go to the woods and hunt. He is so ecstatic that he has actually been getting up early for work all week. Normally I have to roll over and gently nudge him to get up, mostly it is because he keeps hitting snooze on his alarm and I am the one who is repeatedly roused from my slumber, so it's for selfish motives that I 'help' him to get up.

When I go away, he is like a dog, he pouts and whines at the door. He gets really cuddly with me before I have to leave and is like a baby duck following its mother's every move. And when I get home, if he had a tail, it would be wagging. He literally shakes his butt when he sees me. His leaving is a rare occurrence. I am normally the one that goes away for work, or to visit someone, or to go to a girl's weekend somewhere, not this time. He'll be gone for just about 2 days and he has been preparing himself all week. He's been sniffing me and trailing me, he even helped me cook supper last night.

I am the cat of the relationship. I hate to admit that, since I don't love felines, I'm sorry. But I realized my dislike may be due to the fact that I am so similar to one. I don't like to be touched unless asked, or if I initiate it, when I'm hungry, I eat, I really shouldn't be left alone with large groups of small children,I think I may be nocturnal, it has taken a lot of training to be able to get up at 8am, and all I need is some food and water and I can entertain myself for hours.

When my husband asked what I will do on my weekend alone a magical list appeared in my head. It was of course way too long to actually accomplish in one short weekend, but it included things like, read a book alone, drink coffee alone, go shopping alone, watch a chick-flick alone, sleep in alone, I don't know if you're catching the theme here? And after every phrase the 'alone' part made a little smile flash across my face.

Growing up in a family of 8 kids made me think that I was someone who needed to be around people all of time. That was, until I worked with a friend that I love and we shared a room and every work day for three days with 600 high school students and all I wanted to do was tell her to be quiet for 30 seconds, this was impossible for her. Honestly, we tried, at one point a fellow coworker asked for 60 seconds of silence, it was like putting her in a straight jacket, she literally started to squirm. She lasted three whole seconds. I know, because I was in the back seat laughing as I knowingly counted in my head how long she would last. That's when the lights went on, and I realized I'm more of a cat than a dog. And when I have been going like I have these past two weeks, two days off will be just what I need to recharge every battery cell in my body so that I can make it all the way past Christmas and into the New Year!

It is important to mention that, like a cat, I do need human interaction, or else I go a little stray. I get a little kooky and start to think too much. Not to worry, I have scheduled a few appointments this weekend so that my husband doesn't return home to me sitting, shaking in the corner of the spare bedroom with a tinfoil hat on my head and all of the lights on in the house.

It is important to mention that I do love people and my husband very much. The last time that he left, like a cat, I was following him around the house for the first half hour that he was home.

For now though, I will start on that magical list and go shopping alone.

That's all.


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