To write my manifesto

I was going through my drafts today and I came across this one in the archives. I wrote it while I was in graduate school, and I got a kick out of it today and I'm sharing it with you. 


I got a Stumble-Upon account.  Big, big, big mistake in the graduate studies realm. Honestly, it is probably the most dangerous link on my bookmarks bar. While I was stumbling I came across the website "How to Write Your own Manifesto". I thought it would be a good attempt for a blog.

___My Manifesto___

Today, I will show grit.

Grit means that I will persevere through whatever it is that might try to get in the way of my goals.

I will overcome obstacles.

I will be gritty.

I often show a love and want for achievement but in order to truly experience achievement I will need to power through some tough situations and prove that I can accomplish my goals, that I'm not just a dreamer.




I will not stumble during work times.

During work.

I will be an amazing student and pass with flying colours, everyone will offer me ridiculously high paying jobs left and right, but I will say no to it all to change the world.



Ok, I didn't follow the directions exactly, I'm not even sure what a string of prepositional phrases is, but I tried (this sentence only makes sense if you clicked the link above the manifesto to read the instructions on how to write a manifesto). Parts of it turned out to be on the mark, though I'm still waiting on the high paying job offers.

I was out subbing at a school a little while back and in one classroom a teacher had a bulletin board up that was completely for herself. I thought it was really neat. Teachers always showcase their students' skills and accomplishments but this teacher chose to celebrate, and motivate herself with a bulletin board. She put her medals from marathons up, she had her degree, and pictures of some pretty neat things that she had done. In the top corner of the bulletin board there was a picture that had a stick figure woman on one side with her goals on the other side, and in between those two things was a small opening into a huge pit that said Internet inside it. I thought it was hilarious, and completely accurate. I should also tell you that I did have to shut down my stumble account in order to complete my Master's.

That's all.


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