I know I am getting older

You know those times when you were younger and the adult driving the car turned off your favourite song and asked, "what is that garbage? Is that even music?" and you thought they were the biggest square that ever existed.

I've become a square. I know that I am getting older. Things that used to just be part of pop culture and I would celebrate I now think that they are silly and that 'kids these days' just don't understand. I heard a lyric on a song a few days ago, and I wish I were kidding, that said 'you're hotter than a baby in a microwave'. Really? How is that poetic, or beautiful? If a man came up to me and said that phrase I would assume he was a psycho and run screaming in the other direction. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people that doesn't embrace change and still thinks that Night Rider was the best show ever made, I like new things but I wonder about the quality of today's pop culture.

And the desire for quality has driven the 'vintage' movement. If I hear one more thing described as vintage I may gag. First of all, my understanding of vintage refers to a year. For example, the vintage of that wine is 1986. Meaning that all of those grapes were picked in 1986, squished, then bottled and put on a shelf. That's vintage. Vintage has become the word that people who don't want to be called hipsters use in order to say that something has a rugged, used feel about it and that it is old. Or it was made to look old and was actually manufactured in this millennium. It's not that I don't like vintage things, I am designing a home and including many traditional, colonial, and antique touches, the word vintage is over used. I might decide to like the phrase 'baby in a microwave', at least it is creative and unique (still horribly morbid though).

That's all.


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