Yelling boys are idiots

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are in bloom.  You know what that means... it is that time of year when idiots roll down their windows and yell at women.  The yell always comes from shotgun, suggesting this is a group and not a solo activity.  I have no idea what part of their brain is in function when they think that that is a cool idea.

It is not.

First of all, whatever is yelled is hardly discernible. Secondly, it creates the exact opposite response in a woman that a man is looking for, it is neither cool nor attractive. And thirdly, it is, for the record, off-putting.  Not only does it startle me every time it happens, but it also gets me all riled up.  I have an innate desire to 'teach people lessons' and it makes me want to some how pull them over, slap them and tell them to act like they've got some sense. What part of that action is chivalrous, gentleman-like, or classy?

A comedian once said: "I don't understand why men yell at women from a moving vehicle.  Do they think that the woman will feel like she is being wooed and turn and chase after them?"  It is moronic.

Now, all of this said, I have to tell the following story.  And if I ever encounter the man in the story I will first shake his hand, and then slap his face.

I was out in the park for a run with my running partner.  She and I were nearing the end of our loop and we usually ended with a bit of a sprint.  As we were picking up speed, a black car rolled toward us, and out from the window came "one of you is hot!"

We both pretended not to hear him, but we knew what we heard.  Immediately our pace slowed, I began to wonder which one of us was the hot one, she slowed a bit too, she was thinking the same thing.  It was witty and cutting at the same time, a compliment and a cutdown.  Well played, well played.  However, that idiot, no matter how funny he thinks he is, will never have a chance with any woman if he keeps that up.

Men, if you see an attractive woman from a moving vehicle, and you think that she is lovely enough to talk to, be a gentleman and leave her alone. Don't objectify her with a cat-call, let her enjoy the walk, run, or bike ride she is on.  She'll appreciate it.  That way, if you ever run into her in person, you won't be that idiot that yelled out the window at her and you just might have a shot with her.

That's all.


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