Lightning reminds me of my faith

I am standing (now sitting) on my balcony on a gorgeous May evening.  The sun is shining and the clouds are creating a most beautiful sunset.  There is a haze about the city, it has been rainy the last few days and the evaporation is creating the most amazing colours.  The leaves on the trees below seem to be made of a bright green fleece.

While looking off to the horizon I saw a flash of lightening.  Lightening always reminds me of God.

It was a warm summer evening many years ago.  My brother and I were sitting on our back deck talking late into the hours of the night, a usual past time of my family.  We were going on about anything and everything.  Then lightening struck.  My brother didn't see it, and didn't believe me that I saw it splinter across the sky.

I said to him, "How cool would it be if I asked God to show you that there is lightening in the sky?"

At the moment I finished the question, he turned his head, and lightning lit up the sky.

We laughed in awe.

I joked that I would never again question God's existence (not to worry, my faith did not stand on that sole moment, but it was strengthened through His sense of humour).

That's all.


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