To go for a run

I got all ready to go for a walk one sunny afternoon, and just as I was about to head out the door, I changed my mind.  I switched into running gear.  With soccer season coming fast I needed to being running.  Unfortunately I am no longer 23 with the ability to fire off six miles in a game without flinching.  I did 4 k today and it took me a lot longer than I am willing to admit.  But I am learning, as I am aging, that I need to not only take it easy on my body, but to take it easy on myself.

I hit the pavement running, I cannot warm up by walking or stretching.  I have to go all out right away or I chicken out.  If I start out walking I justify walking half way through a run, and stretching makes me think I'm going to cramp.  So I cannot walk, or stretch, I have to just run.

I determined that no matter how short this run would be I wouldn't stop, except for the cool-down.  It started out ok, I went slow, and realized fairly quickly that a BAT (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato) sandwich is not a good pre-run meal.  The cramp persisted, but so did I.  For a while it felt like someone poured Elmer's glue into my mouth, but I pressed on.

I turned right and headed down-hill.  I experienced a new sensation - quad tightness.   I couldn't believe it, it wasn't even that steep of a hill.  I ran on.  I dodged parents that were packing up their undergrad co-eds for the year.  I made it to the waterfront. I thought, oh I should cross the street, but then realized that there were only a few metres of pathway left, so I stayed on my side.

Then came the hill.  It is a killer.  I love this hill.  It is a slow incline, probably about a 30 per cent grade for a kilometre.  I know, if you are an inexperienced runner you're thinking, wimp but if you knew this hill, and you knew this hill at the end of your second run back at 'er, you would have sympathy.

I charged it, not hard but was definitely talking out loud to myself.  With my iPod in my ears, I may have been yelling, but I didn't care, it was helping me to keep going.  I refused to stop.  I couldn't stop, I was near complete collapse and wouldn't stop.  I was so close to the straight-away.  And then this elderly gentleman stuck out his thumb like he was going to hitchhike from me.  I took two steps and stopped dead, turned around and said "hi".  I had taken a tiny plane at Christmas time with him and his wife so I took a break to chat.

It was neat to run into them, but even better for me to have a break from charging the hill.  It was a divine appointment that nearly saved my life.  Ok, I'm being melodramatic, but you should see this hill.

That's all.


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