That I'm not afraid of heights

I'm not afraid of heights.

I don't think you will believe me, because I exhibit all of the signs of someone who is a afraid of heights:  Turbulence in airplanes gets me spooked, ladders, don't get me started on ladders, and there is no way I will go on a drop of doom, tower drop, drop of fear, smack-down, or anything that shoots you 40 stories in the air and then drops you suddenly.

Oh man, I went on a ferris wheel ride with my sisters and my boyfriend and he was the only rational one.  I got worried that my sister was going to have to stop the ride, and the other one was becoming claustrophobic, we were a gong show.  There were tears of laughter and terror in our eyes.

So yes, I may be a little bit afraid of heights, but if I can touch something solid, and keep my eyes closed I'm not.  But being out on my balcony I have to repeatedly fight the urge to jump off of it.

This makes me think that I am not afraid of heights, but that I am afraid of what I will do if I get too comfortable with the height.

Please don't ever send me on a high-rise suspension bridge, and don't ask my boyfriend about our time at the CN tower ... my blood sugar was low and I was over-tired.

I'm not afraid of heights.

That's all.


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