How to say goodye

In life, it is inevitable that you will say goodbye.  I have had years of practice at saying goodbye.  I am the youngest in a large family of eight, and at seven, I said goodbye to my eldest sister when she left for university.

Our family would travel to Ontario to visit with our extended family for the summer.  Every time we had to say goodbye to our cousins I would cry like the world was ending.

I went to a boarding school for high school, and every summer was a tearful party in the parking lot saying goodbye to dear friends, some that I would never see again.

When I got into university down-east, I had a going away party at my house and said goodbye to many friends and family.

While at school this year, I met a dear friend's boyfriend.  He came for an extended visit at Christmas, and when it was time for him to leave, I shared with him the conversation that I had with my boyfriend about his departure.  That this may have been the last time that I saw him, and I had grown to appreciate him as a person very much in the limited time that we had together.  My friend's boyfriend thought I was being entirely too dramatic and promised me that he and his girlfriend would see me again at some point.  I remained unconvinced and acted as though this would be our final in person interaction.

And now, it is the end of the school year, and with returning to the prairies for the completion of school, I will be saying goodbye to many people again, and in this case, I am certain that I will not see many of them after this. It is just such an odd experience.  I fumble with what to say.

While on the phone the other night with my brother we struggled to end the conversation, always having one last story to share.  And he mentioned that when you talk to our dad lately on the phone he says "I love you" just in case it is the last time he talks to you. You can tell that this is his motivation, saying it  just in case.  We had a good laugh, and my brother awkwardly stated, "I love you" to drive home the point, we laughed again, and I think he did it one more time for good measure.

Perhaps I will just walk around awkwardly saying "I love you" to people, just in case.

That's all.


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