My ranking system

I have a dilemma, I really want to buy 2 pairs of sandals, but I simply cannot seem to buy them.  They are available from the same store, for a similar price and I am infatuated with both of them. Equally.

This has disrupted my equilibrium, I am a ranker.  I rank everything.  I like my green shoes for spring, but I like my yellow shoes better because they're newer;  however, I have a pair of neutral sandals that I would pack in bag if I could only choose one pair because I wouldn't have to worry about which outfits to pack based on the shoe selection.

I love my big white mug, but it gets really gross looking after two cups of tea and I refuse to do dishes more than absolutely necessary. So, the red-enamel lined white mug is my go-to because I don't have to worry about seeing gross green tea rings in the mug every time I use it between washes. I don't know if it's in my personality profile or if it is something that I made to make my life easier, but I do it.

When I knew that my boyfriend and I were becoming serious I had to re-rank all of my close relationships to make him the top priority, and I got flak for that! And I am sorry, but I do rank my friends, much like clothes: this one is good for going out, this one is good for a night in, this one is good for when I am sad, this one fits no matter what, this one makes me feel fat, this one makes me feel thin, awful, I know, but it's unfortunately true.  Thankfully though, you get to "wear" all of your friends at once and you don't have to choose.

This is not the same for shoes, you cannot wear two pair at the same time.  I like the sandals equally and for different reasons so I  don't feel like I could pick one over the other.  And I can justify both.  They are both casual, yet have the ability to be dressy, both feminine with their own edge, both would match with absolutely everything, both comfortable, but getting them home and then wearing them is the issue.  Which pair will I wear first?  And then, what if it turns out that I don't like one of the pairs that I bought and I find myself either regretting purchasing them, or getting angry at the preference for being the preference?  What if they rank equally on my scale?  Oh that would be horrendous, I would never know which ones were my favourite.  And I have had this issue before with t-shirts. I got them home and ended up liking neither simply because they wouldn't categorize and therefore didn't fit into my life.

That's all.


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