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It has been quite a while since my last post, and I thought that I might say hi to my sole reader, which is me.  Saying hi in the start gets me feeling all relational, and like I am talking to someone so I thought that would get the ball rolling.

As I mentioned it has been a while since my last entry.  I don't know when it was, but I have a good excuse.  Good excuseS really.  I got married, and in the meantime was writing a thesis.  If you don't think that these two things are a challenging undertaking then I challenge you to do it.  Oh, and you have to be the bride, because it is true, the bride's side does more work.  Mostly because it is the bride who cares the most about how the wedding will look, sound, and feel. Completing a thesis requires that you sit in front of your computer for countless hours revising and editing, and since those are the two major tenants of a good blog, you don't really want to blog after you've worked the day away doing the exact same thing.

I didn't know where to start upon my return to the blogosphere (Wow, that's a word, spell check didn't pick it up at all, we've come a long way people).  I went off in search of one of those 30 Day Blog Challenges in an attempt to stir up some inspiration, instead it just made me annoyed.  There were suggestions such as, what's your tumblr name and how did you get it? First of all, tumblr is missing an E.  I bet you can imagine from that statement alone that I don't have a tumblr account.  I have Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, and a Blog, I think I'm connected enough to enough strangers, thank you.

The next suggestion I saw was, what would you say to your ex?  What would I say to my ex? Really? On something so private as my blog that anyone can look up and see what kind of conversation would occur? I don't think so, that is best left for an actual conversation between two human beings where nothing is recorded. **Disclaimer: If I encountered my 'ex' I'm sure we'd have a lovely chat because things ended between us a long time ago and we are both adults that have moved on: end Disclaimer**

Of course, in these list of suggestions there was the very familiar, who do you like and why do you like them?  I guess that this 30 Day was not set up for a married woman.  I like my husband. I like him because he is the sweetest man on earth, he is the most romantic and loving man that I know.  And even in writing that truth I still feel juvenile.

I'm not saying that all 30 Day Challenges are juvenile, perhaps I didn't search hard enough, or perhaps I'm intimidated by them, who knows.  All that I know is that I have chosen to not do one now, or possibly ever.

That's all.


  1. I thought I was your sole reader :). I tried a 30 day challenge. Not worth your troubles! Glad to have you back on my blogroll!

    1. Ha ha, I'll give you a shout out in my next entry. :)


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