I may be a morning person after all

I slept in today. I drove my husband to work, and then returned home to bed. I thought I needed to sleep in. I thought that I deserved one sleep in during my holidays. And then I tried to accomplish things today and it didn't really work.

I used to love to sleep in. I would count the days in the week until Saturday came and relish the thought of 10 hours in my bed rolled up in my blankets. Sleeping in seemed like such a luxury to me, and then today I got up at 9:42 and realized that I didn't need that extra hour and a half of sleep.

I often used to joke that I had a relationship with my bed. I would say that it felt neglected if I were away from it for too long. I was the kid growing up that my parents had to come in yelling with pots and pans to wake up. I had to put my alarm clock on the other side of the room in order for it to function in its purpose. I have been known to be late on several occasions because of either a) not hearing my alarm; or b) simply not wanting to be up that early because in my head anything before 9 am on a Saturday was godlessness. Honestly, my own mother knows not to call me before 10 am. But it is starting to change.

This aversion to sleeping in thing has me concerned. Before I got married I noticed that married people changed their sleeping behaviours and habits. When these people were single they would stay at gatherings until the very end and squeeze every last ounce of fun out of any situation. Once married, they were the lame-oes that went home at 9 because they had to go garage sale shopping early the next morning. Or they try to call you at 8:30 and ask "oh, did I wake you?" in an accusatory tone that shows they've been awake since 6 am. Two perfectly normal people, once married become an odd couple.

And then I got married. And I noticed that I was leaving parties early. And even worse, I was getting up early on Saturdays... regularly. I've even thought to ask my mom to call me earlier for our weekly phone date. I am becoming part of an odd couple (my husband was already odd, he didn't need marriage to do that for him).

I think I slept in today in order to fight the system, time off means that if I want to sleep in I will. So I did, and I sincerely regretted it. I felt groggy all day. I had this sense all day that I didn't own the day, instead the clock owned me and I was chasing it all afternoon. All this said, I think I have turned into a morning person. What a terrifying notion, I should go check if pigs are flying right now.

Tomorrow I have to take my husband to work early again, and I am actually thankful for that. But please don't tell him, I don't think I'm ready to be held accountable to being a morning person just yet.

That's all.


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