On my "word"

Have you read the book or seen the movie Eat Pray Love?  If you haven't you may want to go read/see it.  It's not life changing and there are definitely some ideas that I do not subscribe to but it's a good beach read/plane movie. And, I would recommend the book.  If you're going to choose which one to invest in, the book has better pay-off even though you want to slap the selfish out of her in the introduction, it's an easy read.

Anyway, so there is one theme in the book that I thought to be profound.  The characters are discussing Rome and they decide that the word that defines that city is sex.  They discuss how this affects the entire population of Rome: how romantic it is and how it enforces the level of dress, yadda yadda.  They talk about New York and how its word would be achieve, and then they get to the interesting part, they ask the narrator what her word is.  She cannot think of one. She spends much of her alone time thinking about the word that she believes to define her existence.  It consistently comes up throughout the rest of the book. She produces one at the end of the story, and it is eluded to in the movie, it is not nearly as poignant as the book but it's there.  I won't tell you what her word is in case you want to read it/see it.

While I was reading the book, a friend was also reading it.  Immediately I asked her what her word is. I thought of mine almost instantly, I'm pretty good at gut instincts and this really felt like my word.  She had to think on hers for a while and then came up with endure which was suiting for where she was and is at in her life.  I was worried it had a negative connotation but then felt the strength in the word and was happy for her.

My instant and enduring word is TRY.

I like the word TRY.

I like how it sounds.

I like how it feels when I say it out loud.

I like that it is short and very powerful.

I like its positive connotations.

I like that it is a verb.

I subscribe to TRY.  What? New things, old things, things I cannot do well, things I want to do, anything, I can TRY.

That's all.


  1. You're right. Endure could have negative connotaions. For me, it is all positive. It means I went through it even when I didn't want to. And you know what's funny - I like the way if feels when you say it too! Ahaha


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