To write down what I use... a lot...

I lived with my brother for just shy of ten years after I moved out of my parents' house.  It was fun and probably the easiest living situation in the world.  We got along famously and have managed not to go completely insane living apart.  Although when I make my triumphant return to the good old prairies I will most likely move back in with him until I find my footing again.

While I was home for a month over Christmas we engaged in a conversation about things that we utilize on a daily basis.  After having lived with a roommate that you shared everything with (except clothes, thank God, I hate sharing clothes and do not understand why girls share clothes - another blog for another time) you realize what you use and what they use.  For example, we are both contact lens wearers, my brother goes through a bottle of solution in two weeks, I had a quarter of an inch left in a  bottle that lasted three weeks.

Living alone you quickly realize what you cannot go without.  I have learned that I drink more milk than I've ever confessed to.  I eat yoghurt on a daily basis.  Onions will go bad before I have a chance to use them.  A large bag of chips will last me four days (read: four servings), with my brother we would eat the whole bag in an evening without any hesitation or regrets.  I am surprised at the amount of mayonnaise I have gone through, mind you, I am living alone so tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad all become a part of the regular menu.  Toilet paper has become a huge dent in my wallet.  I began rationing it, I had to, it was cutting in on my online shopping habits.  Being in school it is expected that I will go through pens, but I have started to look for opportunities to get free swag that includes pens because I am constantly writing.  I thought that pens would dry out in our house when we lived together, nope, it turns out I was actually using them for their intended purpose.  I also go through a dozen eggs in a week (see above for menu).  I buy tissue, I'm not sure if he does. And popcorn, I have gone through probably 100 000 kernels since living on my own.

Things that I have not bought since living on my own: trail mix, strawberry jam, doritos, coffee (I am a tea drinker) and all of the stuff that goes with coffee, broccoli soup, those sponges that have a liquid soap tube as the handle for doing dishes, and I am certain there are more things but it is interesting to see what you ascribe to as your habits until you have engaged in the study of self.

That's all.


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