My blog name is twopurplebeans

Years ago I went on to ebay with intentions of shopping.  I had to create an account.  My name was taken, my last name was taken, and any other sort of weird combination of my name and favourite number (two) were also taken so I tried out their name randomizer.

On ebay you enter your favourite number, and favourite colour, and maybe your favourite food, it was so long ago I don't really remember.  Also, I had quite the experience on ebay and have never shopped there again, I'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, so I did their randomizer thing and it came up with twopurplebeans, and I sort of liked it.  I used it.  I also use it for other things in life, like when I need an alias for something.  And it stuck.  And rather than have my website as something that I will never remember I decided to use this alias.

My experience on ebay came out of my materialistic ways.  I was drooling over the latest fad, 7Jeans. I needed a pair, and I needed them for cheap.  When they first came out they retailed around 150 bucks.  And I was a poor university student at the time.  So I went after a pair for 17 dollars, and I got them.  Only I didn't get them.  I had to get ebay after them.  And paypal.  I was a poor student.  And then when they weren't fast enough I got my credit card company to go after them.  And then paypal got mad at me, they said "please, let us resolve things internally before sicking your credit card company on us".  And I was chastised by paypal and resolved that ebay was no longer a place that I wanted to shop. I have not returned.  I don't even know if my sign-in name would be recognized, they may think that twopurplebeans has died.  I don't really care.

That's all.


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