To not throw out flowers

I have an incredibly romantic boyfriend.  And, wait for it, we're in a long distance relationship.  And that is ok, it has helped in a lot of ways for us to create a foundation of openness and communication, I'm sure it will prove to be useful later on in our life together.  It has been hard most days being apart from him.  Sometimes I cry, sometimes he does, but mostly it's just me.

He is so sweet and every month we celebrate our month-a-versary. We have almost been dating 11 months, it's coming soon.  He commemorates our monthly milestones by sending me flowers.  The flowers he has sent so far include lilies, roses, these mini lily-looking flowers (if you know what I am talking about please comment as I would like to know what my new favourite flower is, when he first asked me I said dandelions, seriously.  But I like them in the field, I'm existential that way - laugh), eucalyptus (I know it's not a flower), straw flowers, he got me tulips in November - that's pretty rare, gladiolas, gerber daisies, and more that I don't know the name of.

Every month they come and I get so excited.  I love the colour that breaks through the stark white of my rental apartment.  And when I see and smell them I remember that someone (him), somewhere (prairies) is thinking of me and I smile.

The flowers also ignite a creative spark in me.  I get out my camera and try to take pictures from neat angles of the flowers and leaves.

Then the flowers do what all flowers do when they are cut, they start to wither. I get sad when they start to wilt and usually pick through them and slowly throw them away as they expire.  I find it easier to part with one or two at a time as opposed to a whole bouquet.

This month in particular, I am finding it really difficult to part with any of them even though, save the carnations, they are all dead.  Which is ironic because I don't really like carnations (don't worry he knows this, and we talked about it, and they aren't that bad - they looked nice in the love and laughter  bouquet he purchased for me).  And I slacked off this time around and didn't do any pruning.  I simply cannot part with them, they have not lasted long enough, yet I don't have a vacuum and will not be able to deal with its expiration if it gets onto my carpet.

That's all.


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