To watch for signs of spring

Something about Spring's hesitation to descend this year has got me watching for it like a sale.  It has been a tricky season here in Ontario this year.  It showed some signs in late February, flirted with us in March by breaking all of the ice off the lake and now in April, it is simply playing hard to get.

But I know that it is coming.  And I am preparing for it.  I am stocking up dresses and sandals, beside my rain boots and umbrella.

I know that it wants to make a grand entrance but it is scared, so it is revealing itself slowly to us this year.  I have been watching the grass turn green for almost a month now.  It has been a painful but also rewarding way to know that spring cannot be stopped by winter, spring is coming.  Slowly, green appeared, poking through the brown.  Odd patterns appeared in green one day, and then the next, more green was there to fill in the pattern.  Eventually, there was more green than brown.  Spring persists.

I am waiting for the day when the buds are on the trees, that is when I will know that spring has triumphed over winter.  But for now, I continue to check the weather network to determine if looks are deceiving and if this sunny day I am looking at has a -4 windchill attached to it.

That's all.


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