Not to Jaywalk

I read a while ago that Jaywalking is much like graffiti.  It is a contagious crime.  If you see graffiti you are more inclined to tag something yourself.  It is a territorial thing I think, people see that someone has put their name on a building and they feel like they need to pee on a building too (can you tell how I feel about graffiti...?).

Back to Jaywalking.

I read that this is a contagious "crime" and so I decided to fight it.

Anytime that I am with people at a traffic light, regardless of the level of traffic, I do not jaywalk.  I'm not a goody two shoes, I just am deciding to set a different trend, or to not be infected by the contagious crime.

So you can imagine my excitement when the other day, I was waiting at a traffic light and a few groups of co-eds came up behind me.  I was sort of in the way, I guess.  I stood where you stand when you're waiting for the light to change.  I could feel the tension in the groups growing.  Not one of them wanted to lead the way.  The pressure was building behind me but I stood my ground at the light and no one crossed until I started walking once the walk sign lit up.  It was a small victory for me.

That's all.


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