To tell you about the ladies locker room

Ok, I'm not going to tell you about the actual ladies locker room, but it is the term for men: "locker room talk", and women don't really talk in the locker room, we mostly stare at the ground because old women are just as bad as old men in locker rooms.

The inspiration comes from a pot luck I attended the other night.  We sat, four grown women, all attempting to complete a Masters degree in various fields including education, law and physics. And since I am learning so much about qualitative research, I couldn't help but observe our flow of conversation.

One woman was still in her running gear, so we talked about working out for quite some time.  From there we each took turns discussing our individual love life (mine is the best... still haven't figured out how to get that into this blog, may have to start up another one, he's just that good).  Food network came up next.  I can go pretty much anywhere and discuss Heston Blumenthal's show, please take a second and google him if you don't know who I am talking about. We somehow got onto parenting.  This topic lasted a very long time and confused me because we were already worrying about what style of parenting we would use, and how we would troubleshoot tough issues, and NONE of us is even close to procreating. Procreating naturally lead into us talking about how our parents had the talk. And if you talk about the talk you have to discuss sexual history, which I have none. This lead us back to parenting styles because each of our sexual histories had a correlation to the relationship we had with our parents.  Overbearing and totally lax parents from this group led to promiscuity, where parents that were open and discussed it freely lead to very little sexual history to divulge.  And funnily enough, this brought us back to discussing working out.

That's all.


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