Living alone makes me crazy

In living alone, you sometimes freak yourself out.  You think that the rest of the world has gone as crazy as you have and start to make up stories to describe the scenes that play out around you.

Par example: The other day I thought I was watching the formation of a cult.  I live in a high rise apartment, fairly high up, and have view of a large open green space that has a house on it. It's an historical house that the university moved from one campus to another and it cost a fortune and this house just sits there.  For a while I watched it to tell if it was occupied, I have discovered through observation only, that no one lives there.  And sometimes, I have to stop watching it, because I freak myself out with my imagination.

Anyway, it was a nice Sunday afternoon, and I was sitting on my couch eating brunch, and I noticed a group of about eight people on this lawn.  Far enough from the house that I knew that they didn't live there, yet too close to the house to be disassociated from it. They were sitting in a semi-circle on low beach chairs and blankets.  For a long time nothing happened, and then one of them got up and started pacing and flailing his arms, and the group was intensely focused on him.  That was when I noticed the matching booklets. Each person had a booklet, they were in primary colour pairs.  I figured that it must be the flailing-arms-guy's manifesto that he was using to indoctrinate his followers. From what I could see, they weren't writing, just listening, very intently.  I got up to freshen my tea and when I came back they were up and I just about missed them disappearing around the side of the house.  They left their blankets, chairs and booklets, and were gone around the side of the house for quite some time.  I didn't see them clean up the chairs and blankets, but I saw them disperse.  That was what creeped me out.  They all went in separate directions at the same time.  I watched the house intently for the next few days, and occasionally I would see someone slip around the side of the house.  I wouldn't see them approach it, just disappear behind it.  And when you think a cult is forming in an abandoned house at the edge of your lot, you don't sleep well at night.  I started to watch in the evening with my lights off to see if the house would light up from within.

I eventually had to just let it go and laugh at the cult theory because a few weeks later some garden planters showed up around the house and I realized that it was a gardening project that started and not a cult... but that is what happens when you live alone and think everyone is as crazy as you are.

That's all.


  1. Oh Kara. I often feel this way (although I have yet to see the beginnings of a cult, gardening or otherwise). This gave made me smile.


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