ahhhh, August

It is August. I'm sure you are aware of this but in case you've missed the turning of the calendar I thought I would let you know. I also wanted to let you in on a little secret, it is a trade secret that teachers everywhere probably don't want me to let you know about. In fact, what I'm about to share might get me kicked out of the union (kidding - but it may have me on thin ice).

Imagine that summer is one giant weekend.

Early July is the Friday night of summer. It is the self-care, have a bubble bath, pour the glass of wine, eat the slice of pizza, hang out with friends or moment of blissful solitude chunk of summer. This is the decompression part of summer. Teachers have spent so much time disciplining, not just students, but themselves, making every single decision for upwards of 30 individuals on a moment by moment basis. In early July we are all tired and ready to kick up our feet and eat that extra s'more letting off the last bit of steam from a long school year.

Mid July is the Saturday of summer. This is where the obligations, to do lists, travels, must do all the things comes into play. You go to a family reunion, travel to see the grandparents, get the car looked at, wash the windows, it has all the boxes and you're ready to put the check mark in them.

Then comes Sunday. Oh, glorious, beautiful, Sunday.

My introspective nephew

Oh, August, you beautiful month. I might be a bit biased because some of the best people are born in August. I'll let you connect those very close dots.

Sunday is held in tension. It has the slow easy start to the day. The delicious brunches. The languid afternoons with naps, strolls, and books. The big family meal. And then the preparations for the week ahead. It is both Sunday Funday and the Sunday Scaries.

For us teachers, and anyone else whose work picks up come fall, August is a time when the Lazy Sloth Monster likes to crop up. We are fighting the inevitable and refusing to do anything that we simply don't want to do only because it is Sunday and you just don't do chores on Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest.

But what all of seasonal slackers don't want you to know, and here is where I may have revoke my teacher credentials, we have had enough of the good thing and we are ready by now to consider getting back at it.

Although the scaries are upon us they are exciting, we crave the return of routine. Because when we have nothing to do, we do nothing. A typical early August day for me  includes waking up and then sitting on the couch, or out in the sun, doing very little and hurting my eyes by staring at my phone screen for too long. All the while, knowing that I could be doing something much more productive. August is the gluttonous month for me. I've had more than enough relaxation and rest, yet I'm scared of what lies ahead and I desperately cling to doing nothing. However, it's not just me, I believe this to be a universal feeling among the teaching community. I was text-chatting with a teacher-friend, and his response to how is summer going wasn't too far off from my own feelings:
I won't lie, I'm starting to go a little crazy and I'm kinda ready to be busy again. Sleep in everyday. Watch TV. Read a book. Go to the gym. Eat. I'm completely without a schedule and it's messing with me.
I become introspective every Sunday, reflecting on what's occurred, gearing up, making a plan and preparing for what lies ahead. I have a tendency to return to writing in August,  perhaps because it contains my birthday. I desperately cling to the Sunday Funday but in my heart I know that it's time for the Scaries to take over. Like a little kid I kick and wail to do nothing but deep down I know that if I don't return to routine and a to do list, I will turn into the lazy sloth monster and not be able to find my way out from the couch cushions.

So, cheers to the Sunday of summer. May it be restful and squirrelly, peaceful and preparatory, and an easy transition from the couch back to those last minute things to get done before the Monday comes and we are all hit in the face with the bullet that is September.

Bonne fin des vacances mes amis!

That's all.


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