I want desperately to wear heels

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer.  The more I reflect on this notion, the more I come to realize that "little me" just wanted to wear high heels.

I think high heels are so confident and conspicuous.  I like the way they clip clop down a noisy hallway announcing your professionalism.  I hate the way they clip clop down a quiet one though.  I often find myself tip-toeing in heels.  I love that when I wear a pair of heels I instantly become the desired height I had hoped to be when I was 13.  I marvel that female ballroom dancers do everything males do, backward and in heels.  I enjoy running in heels and would love to participate in the 100m stiletto sprint in Holland, but it's for drag queens...

High heels have never been comfortable for me.  I am just too practical.  And I like to walk without my feet staging a violent protest with the use of blisters, squished toes, and arch aches. The only part of my feet that loves heels are my heels, they get a break from pavement pounding.  I envy those women who seem to have been born in high heels.  They sport them all day like they're wearing moccasins, and I have to take them off half way through the day and apologize to my tortured little pieds.

I bought a pair of heels the other day, and they are gorgeous. Honestly, a tannish beige-ish colour with  a three inch heel and a hidden platform in the toe, I had to buy them.  I got them home and started to fret, would I really wear them? Could I make good use of them, or would they just fall to the back of my closet like so many other pumps before them? I always wanted to be a heel wearer but just don't think that I have allowed myself to become accustomed to them.  With the purchase of these shoes, I decided that I would become a heel wearer.  I will wear them for the sake of confidence and conspicuousness.

That's all.


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