Humidity rocks!

Before you try to tell me that it ruins your hair and makes you sweaty and gross, let me convince you of why humidity should be your best friend.

Humidity makes things taste better.  Cheese is best eaten in a humid place, it soaks up the moisture in the air and turns even cheesier.  In a dry climate, it just dries out.  Fruit takes on a suppleness, especially if it is cold, because then condensation forms around it making it even more refreshing.  Water from the refrigerator becomes the perfect temperature in seconds.  It is as though it comes from a waterfall all the time.

Humidity makes you look younger.  I went to a tiny country in the South Pacific a couple of years ago, and everyone there looked twenty.  Even the old people had amazing skin.  I arrived with a blister on my foot and it was gone in a day because of the salt sprayed humid air.  I think the humidity there would have reversed the damage of a bullet wound scar. My crows feet disappeared while I was there.

Humidity protects your skin.  I'm not sure if this is scientifically proven, but I have never been burned in humid weather.  Dry weather will fry you like cheese under a broiler, humid weather allows you to turn the colour of cinnamon, even if you're Irish skinned like me.

Humidity makes the warm feel warmer, and the cold feel colder.  I like nothing better than to go for a run on a warm, humid evening.  It just feels good.  And if you time it just right, you finish as the sun is setting and you need to cool off.  The humidity makes it seem like you have your own personal evian-mist-sprayer-person.

Humidity makes the environment prettier.  Atmospheric action is what makes neat sunrises but even more, brilliant sunsets.  Without any atmospheric activity the sun fades on the horizon line.  When there is moisture in the way the droplets refract and reflect the light creating the pinks, oranges, purples, and deep blues of sunsets.  It makes the grass greener, the trees more lush, and the flowers brighter.

That's all.


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