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it's not about you

I was standing in my kitchen thinking about the fragile thing that life is and wondering, what would I do if the hubster died suddenly? I think this is good question to ask yourself if you have a partner. Don't dwell on it or make it a worrisome thing, just honestly consider, what would you do. The thought came immediately...

Let me take you back a year or two.

I had been working for pennies, honestly I did the math and could have made more money working at McDonald's (mickey dees is a pretty great employer, just ask my in-laws, they have all worked there and swear that it is the best high school job you can get). I was following my little millennial heart, and I was happy. I was, in my mind, doing what I was designed to do. I consistently revisit this season because even though it was my dream job there were a few boxes that it didn't tick. Helping us  stay afloat was one of them. Now, if I wanted to make it work I would have had to also change my millennial ways of wanti…

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