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to "go to the Olympics"

10 years ago today, the Olympics kicked off in Vancouver. 10 years. 
I went back through my calendar and found my New Year's Resolution plan from last year. I was going to increase the amount that I wrote and ensure that I was exercising this muscle. I was impressed with myself that I wrote down "It is not my side hustle, it is a muscle I am building". Good for me! It also takes a lot of the pressure to perform, for myself, and for others.

I obviously have good reason to not be any where near my goal. It was a stretching goal and having a bit of a change in the format of the year, and now the rest of my life, won't get it back on track for this season anyway. I have to say, I cut myself slack, because if I don't it I will try to beat myself up over it.

Every so often I get pretty adventuresome and do something that requires a bit of effort and planning. Whenever I get asked, how did you ------? I think of the time that I went to watch the Olympics. I used to say…

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