to get a new hair stylist

The title is misleading. First of all, I didn't choose to get a new hair stylist, she decided to fall in love with a New Zealander who is tied to the sea and she left me. I am happy for her and a teensy bit jealous, New Zealand remains my Mecca. I will get there one day. But I am waiting until I have at least a month available to go and immerse myself in island life.

The second reason that the title is misleading is because I feel pretentious saying that I have a hair stylist but the correct terminology keeps changing and hair dresser has gone the way of stewardess (please stop saying stewardess!).

The third and final reason the title is misleading is because I'm freaked out. The title suggests, yay a new experience when it's more tentative like ooh a new experience let's tip toe slowly into this. I've talked in the past about how important it is to have someone competent cutting your hair. And I also spoke about how I've had an absolutely gorgeous woman give me THEE WORST HAIR CUT OF MY LIFE, so looks can be deceiving. I bring this up because the woman that will be cutting my hair is model gorgeous. She's got arms like Gillian, and blonde hair glossier than Barbie, her beauty is a tad bit intimidating, like you wonder what water she drank growing up. So we aren't starting off with the most trusting relationship, you can't tell a hair stylist by their looks.

I am also in that weird stage of "grow or crop". I have made the case for chopping my hair off and I have loved it. However, and put your hand up if you're with me, short hair is high maintenance 🙋🏼. You would think that it is the opposite, that long hair would be high maintenance, but my hair is at that bad length where letting it air dry turns me into a flat headed Strawberry Shortcake flip at the bottom with some unruly curls around my ears. All over the place basically. It's annoying.


  • light weight
  • doesn't touch your neck 
  • use less product
  • fun
  • versatile


  • the struggle is real
  • touch ups more often
  • use more product to wrestle it into Pinterest worthy style
  • MUST do it DAILY
  • shows grease faster
  • growing it out (except I'm a Chia Pet and can have shoulder length hair in about 4 months but I still have to put up with the mullet-y stage)


  • effortless locks
  • strange textures just look like beach waves (see bullet above)
  • never gets in your eyes (unless you cut bangs and live to REGRET that decision for the year you spend growing out that fringe)
  • can cut it off at any time when you get tired of it


  • pony tail aches
  • putting it in a braid/bun/pony tail ALL THE TIME
  • when it gets stuck in your armpit when you roll over in bed and yank your own head
  • when your husband rolls over on it
  • stray hairs that you can no longer blame on the dog
  • drains
  • product basically drinks itself
Photo courtesy of unsplash

I say all of this knowing full well that I will be cropping it short. I have a wedding coming up and I chose to do my own hair (I've had too many bad experiences there) and doing short hair is easier to not screw up when you're doing it yourself. And summer is coming, I'd be like a golden retriever growing my hair out in July, panting and dying in the shade wanting someone to just shave my head bald. Hm, that's a thought? 

It is exciting that with this new stylist I can expect something different. I am eager to see how adventurous she is and what a fresh set of eyes might do to this mane. I'll keep you posted since I know you're holding your breath over my hair. 

That's all. 



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