a new new year's resolution

I'm a bit late to this party, I realize that January is almost over, my apologies. I like time to think on things because I take my resolutions seriously. It makes it less of a fad thing and requires some actual direction pointing. I can appreciate people who decide that this will be their healthiest year yet, a well-traveled year, a hydrated year, good for you! Keep reaching for those goals.

Mine is a little different this year. I have shared my resolutions in the past and am glad for sharing them. When you tell people your intentions you become accountable for what you've said. Here's mine: to say no.

The hubster and I dream one day of tiny-home living. I can't wrap my head around it just yet but he has a recording of me saying that I will one day do it. As part of this future endeavour we have done a *Spark Joy* #KonMari cleanse. Well, I did, he didn't make it through all of his stuff. I'm not sure he fully grasps tiny home living because he talks of us keeping our home so we have a garage to store things in. We do have 11 foot paddle boards that would prove tricky to store in a tiny home and I say yes to those lovelies every summer.

I promise this has a point...

Living in a tiny home requires you to also live pretty minimally. Which has us both intrigued and challenged. We downsized our wardrobe by about 2/3 in one afternoon and I'm sure I could do it again and not notice much missing. We watch the doc The Minimalists on Netflix (highly recommend it if you have any interest in this area) and the guy with long hair said, it's not about just saying no for the sake of saying no, it's saying NO to somethings to enable you to say YES to the things that bring you joy and that excite you.

So the first thing that I did this year was to quit two opportunities that were in front of me. I could have done those two roles, and done well in them, but that little voice inside said "no", so I tried listening to it. Being a millennial means that I feel like my life's work has to bring me all of the fulfillment I need. But I'm working hard to be a Gen X right now - work to live a life that I enjoy. I'm turning it around. I am back to substitute teaching because it doesn't take up a lot of space in my head. I show up, fill the gap and work hard for about 6 hours, then I go home and cook a great meal (when I have a "real job" I am too spent to have any creativity left for the kitchen), I get to hang out with my dog and take way too many pictures of her (she has an instagram account - I'm still a millennial, c'mon), give my best to my hubster, and have the energy and the capacity to write.

I am excited to say NO so that I can say YES to the things that I feel called to do. Under this over-arching resolution are still several smaller goals. Don't be fooled, I am not lazy, I am insanely driven, but sometimes in the past I have driven toward things that weren't for me, which is exhausting in a very detrimental way. Now, after saying no to a few things, I can say yes and point this locomotive toward the things that challenge me and bring me joy and exhaust me in the most fulfilling way.

It's not too late to set a resolution. If we aren't purposeful about the things in front of us we can become bombarded and filled with things we have no interest or intent toward and poof a year is gone.

That's all.


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