dry spell = not reading enough

I keep going to write and it's as though there isn't anything in front of me. I have snippets of ideas but nothing that is materializing into a full-post-quality idea. And I am in a book-reading drought. Can you feel me?

I would like to be able to read all the books and devour them all while also savouring them. It is the plight of a reader. I also want all the time in the world to just sit and read. Nothing else.

My dream, with every other bookworm out there, is to have the most beautiful reading nook, fireplace, comfy chair, blanket, endless cups of herbal tea, and snacks that don't require any attention other than to stuff my face as I read EVERY book.

Ok, not really every book, but you get my drift. And as I was scrolling pinterest today I came across some wisdom that I had pinned months previous. Sometimes I think I could go and re-pin all of my favourite pins, I need a small pin board that is labelled "Genius Wisdom". Although she struggled, Ms. Woolf was on to something here:
If you want to write, write, but first read. Read all the books you can. Read all the articles you can. And not just the ones about writing. Read good authors, read bad authors (and figure out why you think they are bad), read mediocre authors. Read, read, read, then write, write, write.

I think this is what my Master's may have actually taught me. It's funny, you set out looking to prove something and have this research idea that can fit on the head of a pin (as far as knowledge is concerned) and you end up learning way more than you ever thought imaginable. In my case, writing was ignited. But! A big BUT! But, you cannot write good research until it's grounded in something bigger than itself. Until you find the things that influence you and your thoughts, and throw out the stuff that you don't want, you still learned from it. And it impacted you because it pushed you in a different direction. 

I love writing, but I like reading better. 

That's all. 


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