to go through with it

I wrote a post not too long ago about how we all need a hair cut. I thought I had mustered all of my courage to do it, and I flaked right out. I came back with an inch or two missing and the shape was a little different, it pushed forward instead of back but I was mad at myself. Normally, I am a champion of change. I let my stylist talk me out of it but in all reality, she could tell I wasn't ready.

And then when I thought, yes, today I can do it. My stylist decided to leave town for FIVE months. Let me explain to you that my hair stylist is not just any stylist. She trained abroad and she has techniques that I haven't seen before on this continent. She doesn't really remember names or faces, but she remembers hair. If it has been a while she looks at your hair first and then the memories come back, hair is her mnemonic device, it's a strange gift. My husband sat in her chair for the first time a couple of years ago and she gave him a brief history of his hair (that "it had been cut by an electric shaver until recently when scissors started to add some texture to the top"). She's a hair whisperer. He is now in the same boat as me and could never think of anyone else cutting his hair. She is the only one so far that has the ability to hide his cowlick at the side of his forehead. I went away to school and booked hair appointments with her based on my returns instead of risking anyone wrecking my hair. I cannot stress enough that she is that good.

For the first time in 9 years someone else cut my hair. While my stylist was gone she had a stand in. And I had gone too soon to see my stylist again before she departed, so it was way too long to wait for her return as well. I had to go to the stand in. I was nervous. The stand in was chatty and I found out that she owned a salon at one point so I knew I was in decent hands. And I was, she did a fine job on my hair. I considered chopping off my hair with the stand in but my gut told me that it would be best to navigate that change with my regular stylist. I didn't know the stand in's ability until a while after I sat in the chair. I also felt like it would be a betrayal to my regular stylist for her not to be there when I made a dramatic change.

The crazy thing is that this really isn't that big of a deal. I have chopped my hair off before, and it didn't take long at all for it to grow back. I am blessed with chia pet genes. Just put me in the sun and watch my roots grow!

But it is a big deal.

The last time that I chopped my hair off a substantial amount I went to do a spin/flip/tuck pseudo loose twist that keeps my hair off of my neck and I reached the end of my hair before I could even spin it. I was inconsolable. I had to download Pocket Full of Sunshine on iTunes to get myself out of the insane meltdown. I sat in the chair in the hallway in front of the computer singing the chorus through tears until, eventually, I could sing the chorus without sobbing. I remember this all so vividly because it was my 23rd birthday. I learned a good lesson that day - chopping your hair off is its own event, don't attach it to anything else. You're better off letting it be a stand alone random Thursday.

What's the point of this post? It's so that I have accountability and I go through with it. I have been talking about this for far too long. It is time for action. Today is that day. Sienna Miller bob here I come. (And just so you know, this stylist can actually make you look like the picture - she really is that good).

That's all.


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