I need to yell at winter more often

At the end of 2013 I wrote a post all about how winter is a meanie-bo-beanie and that people would like it a lot more if it gradually lulled us into a frozen state instead of hammering us with everything it has on the first chance it gets.

You know what, it listened. This year's entrance to winter has been much milder, much more manageable, and almost agreeable. I'll admit that waking up with a windchill warning on the first really cold day was a bit heavy handed but it's learning and we wouldn't chastise a child when they are learning.

Winter took its time this year. It has been a beautiful autumn, we had record breaking warmth in October and then around the end of that month the chill set in. There were only a few days that I had to make sure I left the house early enough to get the thick ice off of my windshield. It progressively got colder, a brutal wind warned us, but that's all it was, a warning. And this year, it didn't play with us, taunting us with a warm +2 day between two -25 days, it just got colder and colder, and then it snowed. As though it was saying, I'm coming, I'm almost here, ta-daaaa! I'm here. But it wasn't a hard hit from the blind-side, it was making us all fully aware of its entrance.

I was out of town for a day and the weather patterns vary as you go even slightly south in the prairies so I text my friend to ask her if there was much snow in the city. She said no, but it will be melted by the end of the week. I chuckled. It's the middle of November, any hopes of this melting will have to be put off for April. It is here to stay. And for the first time in a while, I am ok with that. I like it when the seasons behave and act like themselves. It's predictable, it's kind, it's not a tease and it makes it less torturous when we are acclimating to the changes.

I may get a few angry comments, but when winter is behaving, I like it. When I know what to expect and am prepared for it, it's really not so bad. I like the glow that snow gives off, I like how fresh the icy air feels on my lungs, and I like the way that everything pops a bit more with a white back drop. I like how, for the most part, if you can dress for it, it can be quite comfortable.

So, winter, keep it up. Stay polite and predictable and you won't get yelled at again.

That's all.


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