it's time for a hair cut everyone

I have been thinking about this for far too long. It is really outside of my nature to consider something this long, I want to cut my hair. I want to dramatically chop off a lot of length but I'm also terrified.

It started about a year ago, I gradually went shorter, I was getting tired of my hair getting stuck in my armpit while I was sleeping. I would go to roll over and my head would snap back because my hair was lodged in my armpit or under my husband's back.  I took off a few inches the last time but I think it's time for a full cleanse of locks. I don't know what I am so afraid of, I have nothing to worry about, I had an inch of hair in university and had it past my shoulders in about 2 years time, I am a chia pet basically. Put me in sunshine and watch my roots grow. Seriously. My concern is that I am super lazy when it comes to actually doing my hair.

I really love short hair. I think it is so fresh and adorable and it looks so easy, but I've had short hair and it is not easy or low maintenance, it just looks that way. You know what is easy? Crazy long hair with a bit of a wave to it. Sometimes you don't even have to brush it, but it does get stuck in your arm pit, and it's hot, temperature wise, it's like wearing a big blanket on your back. That's what I can easily have but I don't want it anymore, I want super fine, short, pixie cut hair. But as mentioned, I am a chia pet and therefore look like a tennis ball after about 2 days with a short hair cut. My hair doesn't just grow in length it grows in volume. I think that my stylist takes pruning shears to the back of it so I am not permanently looking at the sky due to the weight of the hair on my head.

I know, I shouldn't be complaining. No one should really. I have a friend who, when times are really tough, she will always say, "Thank God I have skin and hair." It makes me laugh but it also gives such a great perspective on life. Thank God I have skin and hair. These are not real problems, wanting short cute pixie hair when I have thick wavy chia pet hair... perspective.

While I am saying that we should branch out from our safety net, isn't it time that we sat all of the grade 8 boys down and showed them a picture of 80s Strawberry Short Cake, and tell them that this is what they look like. They take off their baseball caps (which they use to create this style, which I should mention that I think is pretty genius, it is doing your hair without ever having to worry about someone accusing you of actually taking the time to do your hair) and voila, they have bangs that are side swept, and a flip 'do. I made this connection while I was subbing in a grade 8 classroom and it took a lot of self control to not turn to the boys and say, 'You know you all look like Strawberry Shortcake, right?'

But isn't that also the best? Looking back at your awkward pre-teen years and seeing what you thought was so cool but realizing now that you looked like strawberry shortcake, or in my case it was a bad version of the Jennifer Aniston Friends bob with thin rimmed tortoise shell inch thick glasses, so hot. If we all stick to one style we won't get to see the stages that we went through and have fond memories of mild torture styling our hair a particular way, or laughing while attempting to convince our children that at one point it was the 'coolest look for young boys to resemble a doll that smelled like cake'.

I have an appointment scheduled for the end of the month, we shall see if I have the courage to lop off my locks.

That's all.


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