twitter is a pretty incredible thing

Originally this post was going to be called "Forced Writing Sessions are Necessary" but then I thought of why it is that I am writing and this title made much more sense.

I am not a market maven, I am usually a late adopter of things. This is annoying for someone with my personality but it is because I cannot handle beta. I don't have a lot of patience. During Facebook's 10 year anniversary everyone was posting their little video clips (with that horrible music that ended in a terrible spot) and I was annoyed that, like the majority of people, I joined in 2007. I had a few friends that joined in 2006, but I didn't see any videos that started in 2004. I imagine their first profile picture was literally the size of my pinky nail, smaller than a thumbnail. 

And I am a late adopter of twitter. I joined at a Coldplay concert just about 2 years ago. The band gave out light up wristbands and they had twitter on the side, and I thought, "I'll give it a shot". But when I joined I, like every person over the age of 15, was like, "what the heck am I supposed to do now?" I even googled what it was that I was supposed to do when on twitter. I got responses like: explain what you're doing, tell people what you're doing, share information, microblog. Around that time I also started being more deliberate about writing in my blog on a semi-regular basis. I didn't really get it, but I wanted to get it. 

I moved it on to my dashboard of my phone and I followed about 100 people. I read through the feed. I hash tagged a few things. And then it happened, I knew breaking news before everyone around me. It was that tragic shooting in the batman movie and it broke on twitter. It instantly made me a maven, because I knew information well before my non-tweeting friends.

For those of you that have been on twitter forever and think that I am over 40, I am not, but I will find you and hurt you. 

Then I tweeted about how I got the crossword app for free from Starbucks. I had just gotten back from New York city and someone from New York saw the tweet and commented. He couldn't find the 'free app of the week' at his local Starbucks so I said that I would try to find a card. I eventually did and sent him the code via a direct message. Which is also weird because it is essentially text messaging but maybe a bit more safe, sort of? He eventually informed me that he could not use the Canadian app of the week code but that he appreciated me trying. It was just so neat for me to be able to help someone across the continent, in a different country, that I had never met and had no ties to. 

Most recently, a friend of mine egged another user to share her blog URL. I think they were both involved in a writing workshop online together. Cheeky me shared my URL with this unknown lady. She read it. Then she followed me. Then she gave me a shout out. And then last night, probably morning in her time zone or something, she told me that I needed to get writing. So here it is. My forced writing session centred on the connectivity of twitter.  

That's all. 


  1. HAHAHAHAHA LMAO.. good one! Cheers..

    1. I just saw your comment now, I must have missed that notification. Thank you jdonn!


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