to try to procrastinate

It seems like my thesis will not let me procrastinate.  I made up a list of things to do to draw my attention away from it yet today it is like a magnet.  I was going to take the day off and plan wedding stuff but I got it all done last night, I'm even blogging in an attempt to avoid working on it, but it keeps calling my name.

I must have done something right in setting up my workspace, I have posters on the wall and pens splayed across the table, my fiancĂ©'s laptop is right beside me, all I need is a fresh cup of tea and I would be ready to code some hard data.  But I just don't want to, everything in me says that I can and should get down to it, but like a little kid I want to cry because I want someone else to do it because today was supposed to be my day off.

I've also discovered recently that I work better with accountability.  I work best alone, but there needs to be the off chance that someone might catch me working in order for me to be truly productive.  I could never work from home, I would turn into a Days fan again, and that was just plain weird.  I mean really, how many times can Marlena get possessed and Stephan DeMiro fall in love with her and steal her from John? And I've seen at least three Beau's go through that show, and I stopped watching it in grade school.  I'm sure I could pick up where I left off and not be missing any piece of the puzzle; doesn't a day last a week in soap opera world? And why is it called soap opera, I understand opera because it's so dramatic, but soap, where did that come in anyway? (Oh, this is working, I'm forgetting about my thesis already)

Alas, I will edit one post, post it, get to work and then post this.

That's all.


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