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to keep dancing

I have a thing for theme songs, for attributing seasons to music. I often fantasize about creating soundtracks to movies, or producing a show set to music but I will stick to using music as an inspiration for writing. And today is my birthday, I also enjoy writing on my birthday. It's a good opportunity to take stock in the previous year and think on what the next year might bring. I am using lyrics from the song Keep Dancing by Wolf Saga, they are in purple, and their song is linked below. 

There comes a time in our life where our hands are kept tied but our feet they don’t fail us now.

I was on my way to work a couple of months ago and a chorus came on the good old CBC. I made it a point to write down the name of the band and the song so I wouldn’t forget it. 
This was also around the time that we were gearing up to head to South Africa to meet, acquaint ourselves, and adopt our son. Although the song is catchy and very upbeat it brought tears to my eyes. Too much of it rang true f…

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